Identifying Casual Footwear From Other Types Of Footwear: A Guide

4 September 2019
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Not everyone can be a "fashionista". Not everyone knows just about everything there is to know about clothes, shoes, and accessories. For example, how much do you know about casual footwear? You may think that just because you wear something casually, that makes it casual; not so. In fact, there are some identifying features to casual footwear, and even some descriptors that help you identify the casual shoe from all other kinds. Read More 

Five Great Advantages Of Adding An Adhesive Strap To A Sanitary Pad

10 July 2019
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A woman's time of the month can sometimes be unpredictable and uncomfortable. Anything that can be done to make menstruation more manageable will obviously highly valued by women. One thing that can make menstruation easier is adding adhesive strips to sanitary pads. The following are five great advantages that can be enjoyed by menstruating women by adding an adhesive strip on a sanitary pad.  Adhesive strips keep the maxi pad in place. Read More 

Are You Focusing on Keeping Excellent Customers?

17 May 2019
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Are there certain customers that come to your place of business often enough that you know them by name? These are also the customers that probably bring things like baked goods for your employees every time they come. In addition, maybe at Christmastime those excellent customers even bring little gifts. Just as important, they are probably a great reason that your business is successful. For example, those favored customers have more than likely recommended your services to their friends. Read More 

The Business Traveler’s Guide To Selecting Carry-On Luggage

12 February 2019
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As a business traveler, you travel from city to city on what seems like a never-ending basis. From reading material to headphones to neck pillows, you make sure you're prepared for every journey, but what about your carry-on luggage. Given your travel demands, high quality, durable luggage is essential. Make sure you know how to select the right piece. Hard vs. Soft Always choose hard sided carry on luggage. Hard-sided pieces are just inherently more durable because they are less susceptible to ripping and moisture damage. Read More 

Candle Lanterns – The Perfect Gift For Difficult Recipients

4 December 2018
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Some people are impossible to buy gifts for – they either have everything, or they don't have many interests to consider as you look for the perfect gift. If you're looking for the perfect gift for a difficult recipient, look no further. Here, you'll find some ideas for gifting candle lanterns to your friends and loved ones. Candle Lanterns Candle lanterns have grown in popularity since the flameless candles have taken over the market. Read More